Sudhir Nayak

Posted By: Pooja On 17th Aug, 2012 2:48 PM

Category: Biographical Information
Genre: Hindustani Classical Music
Publisher: Aneesh Pradhan
Author: Aneesh Pradhan

Sudhir Nayak, a familiar face at most music festivals in India, has gained recognition as a sensitive harmonium accompanist to several reputed vocalists. A disciple of Tulsidas Borkar, Sudhir also took guidance from the noted vocalist, Jitendra Abhisheki. 

Sudhir’s performances are regularly featured on Indian television and commercial recordings. He has performed in the USA, Europe, the UAE, Australia, among other countries. 

Sudhir is equally at home with harmonium solo renditions as he is with accompaniment. He has also gained recognition as a composer and a participant in cross-cultural musical experiments. 

He is a recipient of the Saath Sangat Pravin Award instituted by the Rajiv Goenka Academy.


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